Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Back to Normal

With the end of the Upwey Potters' annual show, as part of the Artwey Open Studios, I am heading back to normality - whatever that might be!
It has been such a pleasure working with the other Upwey Potters and meeting our fans. The vibe has been very positive, with people enjoying themselves and finding comfort and happiness in what we do.
The wood firing kiln has been almost fully loaded with pottery, ready to fire on Wednesday. I am very pleased with what went into the kiln, both my own goodies and in particular the work by Laurence Eastwood - for an 18 year old he has recently produced some really splendid pottery. He is so full of enthusiasm and creativity, some of which has rubbed off on me! Laurence is hoping to get some worthy pots out of the kiln  - just in time for his exhibition this weekend - the poster for which is below.

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