Monday, 8 July 2013

Mud Pies

I have been playing Mud Pies again over the last few days. Trying different methods of preparing clay dug locally - in particular removing the larger bits of grit which damage the pots by expanding as they break down, strangely after the firing is over and they take in water from the air.
Anyway - in the spirit of experimental archaeology I put some of the wet clay in a sacking bag and squeezed it so the clay oozed through the weaving, hopefully leaving the grit trapped in the bag. Then the clay is spread out in the sun to dry out a bit before being wrapped up ready for use after a bit of wedging to mix the hard and soft lumps together, plus adding some sand, grog and maybe other clays.

A busy few days now, the last pottery classes of the term are an excuse for Raku firings with a party atmosphere.

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