Thursday, 23 January 2014

50 Shades of Brown

Taking some time to plan ahead for 2014's activities - trying to sort out what is worth putting some effort into and what I should back away from.
The factors are sometimes a bit hidden, but enjoyment of doing the task has to be high on the priority list.
I've had a few interesting enquiries recently about my replicas of ancient pottery, that is certainly one avenue that I will be striding confidently along!
My studio store needs an overdue clean out - to remove some of the accumulated junk. Then a sort out of the remaining pottery stocks. A chance to reappraise my life's work! An opportunity to get rid of all the things that I should never have kept!
Some of the pottery will feature in my installation in April's "Could Have Fooled Me V", with a subtitle of "50 shades of Brown". This is our collective take on Contemporary Art, an enjoyable sideways look at how art is produced, described and perceived.

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