Thursday, 14 November 2013

Continuing PD

We went to an illustrated talk by Peter Randall-Page last night at Hooke Park.
Brilliant! Inspiring! Take a look at the website :-
Glad someone else gets fixated about particular shapes and patterns, it's not just me then!
Spent today throwing jugs and bowls for the next wood firing, having looked at my stock pile, which seems to be lacking jugs. The "mortaria" bowls are my current best sellers.
Off tomorrow to restock the Dorset County Museum shop, which has had a pleasing run of sales of my pots, with hopefully more during the coming festive season.
Also starting at a new retail outlet - I have taken a small display space at the back of Brewers Quay. Hopefully the first thing folk see as they enter the building from the car park (or the last as they leave!). Hopefully a good investment to get involved at this venue, which has been suffering from the involvement of greedy developers, but now seems to be reinventing itself again. I still wish it was a proper brewery, like in my youth!  

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