Thursday 23 January 2014

50 Shades of Brown

Taking some time to plan ahead for 2014's activities - trying to sort out what is worth putting some effort into and what I should back away from.
The factors are sometimes a bit hidden, but enjoyment of doing the task has to be high on the priority list.
I've had a few interesting enquiries recently about my replicas of ancient pottery, that is certainly one avenue that I will be striding confidently along!
My studio store needs an overdue clean out - to remove some of the accumulated junk. Then a sort out of the remaining pottery stocks. A chance to reappraise my life's work! An opportunity to get rid of all the things that I should never have kept!
Some of the pottery will feature in my installation in April's "Could Have Fooled Me V", with a subtitle of "50 shades of Brown". This is our collective take on Contemporary Art, an enjoyable sideways look at how art is produced, described and perceived.

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Resolved and resolute

And so 2014 begins....
A few days are needed to do some planning for the year's activities, if I had a resolution it would be to be better prepared and ready for action as the events come around.
The Ancient Wessex Network should be going from strength to strength, we are starting to get more invitations to events and people are valuing our services.
The Dorset Pottery Group is undergoing a make-over - hopefully some more members will get involved in managing the activities.
The Upwey Potters are doing Dorset Art Weeks again, the image is the one I selected for the DAW guide, I hope that draws folk in!
My pottery classes are fully booked, with a few new faces and still a waiting list, which is healthy for me. I am looking forward to stretching some of the class members a bit more, getting them to learn a few more techniques.
I spent some of yesterday covering "Woden" with a large plastic sheet, securely tied down to keep the rain off it - we will not be firing this wood fuelled kiln for a couple of months.