Sunday 4 May 2014

More Maggots and Jugs

This is one of the bowls inspired by Neolithic maggot decorated wares, this was thrown using stoneware clay, it has been raw glazed internally and is drying out ready for firing in the wood fired kiln. This is one of a couple of dozen. I am very happy with how they turned out, with almost rounded bases and a distinctive repeated motif, made by impressing the clay with coiled rope.

I have also made a batch of jugs and "costrels" for wood firing. The costrels are inspired by the Verwood Pottery versions, also known as Owls because of the ear-like lugs. They were all purpose storage vessels, taken to the fields with small beer during harvest time. I prefer peddling them as jars that wise old women (witches) used to store their potions!
I like to think I am getting better at handles these days, but the jugs are still a bit on the heavy side, although I like that in a functional jug. These I think will be sold as cider jugs, (or for a couple of extra quid as a "Cyder Flagon"!), some of the shapes are also copied from the Verwood Potteries, although country potteries everywhere tended to produce this sort of jug, with a fat belly and narrow neck. They are nice and stable and easy to carry around because the centre of gravity can be almost below the point of lifting on the handle close to the top of the pot.