Wednesday 27 March 2013

Heading for A Great Experience

Just back from a useful meeting with the folk at Hengistbury Head, where I am engaged to make replica pots for the new visitor centre. We have sorted out how the workshops will be run, to enable the staff and volunteers to see how the pots have been made. Other "fans" of ancient pottery will be able to come along and make some pots and see how they are fired in simple bonfires and kilns.
My pottery classes term ended with a flash, with raku firing sessions that went pretty well. As usual there was a need for the Zen hat, with some very good results and some disappointing outcomes. The Fine Line between brilliance and disaster has not got any wider for me recently. No more classes for almost a month, which will be a rest, although I will miss them.
Now to do some more promotional work, it is great doing all these things, but a shame if no-one turns up!

Sunday 17 March 2013

Artwey - from Pillar to Poster

The Artwey Open Studio Map, which I did the design work for, is now at the printers, ready for distribution in a week's time.
I've done the poster & invite layouts, a sample is shown here.

I'm looking forward to the OS event, always a social time with the other Upwey Potters and Artwey members and an opportunity to talk with my friends and clients (not always the same people!!).

Feedback about my wares is always really useful for me, I don't always agree with what folk say about my pots, but I am sure their views must influence me. That and the backlog of stock of certain types of pot helps to direct what I make in the future.

I need some time to make pots for the next wood firing, but first I need to get on with the replicas for the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, although the opening is being put back, I still need to produce pots for the workshops and fiilming in April.

Friday 8 March 2013

Accounting For My Actions

I've spent today drawing up the business accounts for Artseeker Ltd. Ah, the joys of being a creative accountant! That is a person working in the creative industries who prepares accounts - what else could I mean!
My Artwey Open Studio map design is almost ready for the printer - another delivery ahead of the deadline!
The Ancient Wessex Network is doing well negotiating the various activities planned in 2013. Our members will soon be given the chance to sign up for these activities.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

The Daily Grind

I have been using elbow grease over the last week, grinding up some old broken pots to make "grog" - to be added into raw clay for making replica pots for the Hengistbury Head pottery project.
The resulting grog is sieved through various sizes to separate them. I can then use them to create different clay fabrics, that behave differently while being made into pots, fired and then in functional use. They will also change the appearance of the surface, giving a mottled texture if coarse.
They should help the pots stand up to the extremes of heat within the firing processes, giving the clay more "body" and enabling the steam to escape more easily as they dry out.
I have also been grinding sea-shells and pre-heated flint, which were also used in ancient times.
More information at :-

Friday 1 March 2013

Mud Pies!

I have been busy making "mud pies" for the last few days, preparing clay and crushing old pots to put into the clay, ready to start making the pottery for the Hengistbury Head Pottery Project, I have been commissioned to make a couple of dozen pots for the archaeology display.
I've sorted out some workshops in April - as per flyer. I hope some of my friends and fans will come along and engage with the ancient technologies.
Book now to avoid disappointment!
I am also booked in to do some filming for the centre's displays
The visitor centre now has a website :-