Sunday 17 March 2013

Artwey - from Pillar to Poster

The Artwey Open Studio Map, which I did the design work for, is now at the printers, ready for distribution in a week's time.
I've done the poster & invite layouts, a sample is shown here.

I'm looking forward to the OS event, always a social time with the other Upwey Potters and Artwey members and an opportunity to talk with my friends and clients (not always the same people!!).

Feedback about my wares is always really useful for me, I don't always agree with what folk say about my pots, but I am sure their views must influence me. That and the backlog of stock of certain types of pot helps to direct what I make in the future.

I need some time to make pots for the next wood firing, but first I need to get on with the replicas for the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, although the opening is being put back, I still need to produce pots for the workshops and fiilming in April.

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