Wednesday 27 March 2013

Heading for A Great Experience

Just back from a useful meeting with the folk at Hengistbury Head, where I am engaged to make replica pots for the new visitor centre. We have sorted out how the workshops will be run, to enable the staff and volunteers to see how the pots have been made. Other "fans" of ancient pottery will be able to come along and make some pots and see how they are fired in simple bonfires and kilns.
My pottery classes term ended with a flash, with raku firing sessions that went pretty well. As usual there was a need for the Zen hat, with some very good results and some disappointing outcomes. The Fine Line between brilliance and disaster has not got any wider for me recently. No more classes for almost a month, which will be a rest, although I will miss them.
Now to do some more promotional work, it is great doing all these things, but a shame if no-one turns up!

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