Thursday 28 August 2014

Much more in Store

My daughter, Lottie, and I just about finished setting out my studio store today, sorting all my pottery and putting it out on the racks and temporary tables. As a graphic designer, Lottie has a great sense of space and colour, so her help has been really important to make "The Old Slaughterhouse" look impressive, not a white cube, but not a shambles like it usually is. So bring on the crowds of fans on the 6th September until 21st.
I am being left to sort out all my prehistoric pottery replica wares, which will be taking over the kiln room.
Meanwhile some of my pots are appearing at the Upwey Old School Village Hall, alongside the art of Mark and Jennie Vyvyan-Penney.

Thursday 21 August 2014


I've been busy re-organising my studio/shed ready for opening for the local Artwey Art Trail in mid September. It has been an interesting journey through my past - finding old pots hidden away, that will now see the light of day again and might even get sold!
I've also been active doing the graphic design for the Artwey printed map, now at the printers. Also doing the Artwey website and other promotional stuff.
I'm looking forward to the Art Trail, a chance to dedicate some time to pottery and hopefully meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. I just hope we raise enough interest to get the visitors to come along.
Meanwhile I am off to the Oak Fair at Stock Gaylard with the Ancient Wessex Network this weekend, hopefully another pleasant gig, doing ancient pottery bonfire demonstration, talking to the visitors and selling some wares. Also the social side is important - a chance to chill with friends in the evenings.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Working Holidays

Apologies for a lack of blogging recently - I've been away from interweb connections! And very nice it was too!
 We did another great wood fuelled kiln firing, quickest one yet with some good results.

I've been on a working holiday at Corfe Castle with other members of the Ancient Wessex Network, see details at this link :-
We had an interesting time, the weather was almost too good and I am still recovering from mild heat exhaustion, coupled with a summer dose of man-flu!
I've been hiding from the sun since my return - preparing the design for map of the Artwey September Art Trail which is coming along nicely now.
I have to bite the bullet very soon and start the massive re-organisation of my studio and stores to enable me to open to the public in September, for the first time ever. The aim is to stage a retrospective display of my pottery to celebrate my 60th Birthday and sell some of my back catalogue of pieces that have sat around too long, but are actually some the best pots I have ever made! Also some of the lesser pots to people with no appreciation of quality and no money!! Perhaps I should not say that?! My daughter, Lottie, has agreed to curate it for me, to add some style and thought to what might otherwise end up as a pile of crocks! Watch this space as the show comes together!