Wednesday 23 April 2014

Maggot Decoration

I am currently working on a commission for some replicas of Neolithic bowls, which are coming together fairly well now. They are about 20cm diameter.
I have to do some experimenting to get the "Maggot" decoration to look right. This is made by impressing a cord into the softish clay to leave a short twisted mark. But to get the twist into a tight spiral the cord is wrapped round a thin central core.
There is also a knack to getting the clay soft enough to take the impression, but stiff enough to hold its shape while decorating it.

Watch this space for some images when done!

I have not really appreciated the beauty of most Neolithic pots before, I've made some "Grooved Ware" which tend to be buckets with scratches and dents on, but these are rounded bottom bowls with an interesting rim and the lines of vertical maggot decoration.
I think I may try throwing some modern versions for the next wood firing, which is coming up soon.

I have enjoyed my holiday from pottery over the Easter break, spending time with family and the snails in my vegetable patch!

We went to the opening of the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre recently, a chance for my wife to see the "piles of rubbish or" display of my replica pots. All very good for the ego of a struggling experimental potter!

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