Saturday 22 November 2014

Becoming Festive Later

The Dorset Pottery Group annual show went fairly well, some potters (me included) did OK, some thrived less well. I'm glad to think I'll not have to organise the event again, having retired!

Locally in Upwey we are staging our annual potters' festive offering on 6th & 7th of December, unfortunately the actual potters will be a bit thin on the ground due to a variety of good and bad excuses, like being out of the country or recovering from surgery. However a few of my friends have agreed to boost the items on display by joining in, so it is becoming an Ancient Wessex Network festive event!

I've been working with Mark Vyvyan-Penney over the last few weeks using our bronze casting furnace to experiment with more modern techniques than our usual ones to create some bronze castings. I've enjoyed the opportunity to do something a bit different, although I have also set myself the task of experimenting with different blends of materials to make the cruicibles and lost wax molds.

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