Thursday 3 October 2013

Going North

I've been visiting Somerset Art Weeks today, with a couple of the Artwey "Old Hands". A very enjoyable day out exploring other folk's creative activities and some wonderful locations.
"Celebrating" creativity - as the poster says and so does Dorset Art Weeks'.
I've had a busy few weeks, starting my pottery classes up again, sorting out autumn workshops
and doing more Ancient Wessex events.
I'm off to the Cranborne Chae Woodfair this weekend - being ancient again, maybe even dressing the part!
I recently enjoyed making some replicas of Iron Age Black Burnished ware bowls and jars, getting quicker and more confident than last time (which is a few years ago). Hopefully they will survive firing and smoking. I had a very useful chat to a charcoal burner last weekend, about how traditional earth clamps are made - he still does them a couple of times a year, so I am aiming to use what he explained to do one myself with some BBW pots snuggled in with the timber, thus making charcoal and blackening the pots at the same time. Watch this space!

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