Wednesday 30 October 2013

Seeing In The Dark

I've just dug up the biggest carrot I've ever grown in my garden! No weird tails or embarressing suggestive shapes. A minor blemish or two - that's organic for you!
Looking forward to making a curry using that.
The thread of this installment is seeing in the dark or through the mirk at least! Carrots are well known for their properties in that direction.
Recently I've been enjoying listening to Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures on BBC Radio 4. He has a way of shining light on the Art World which illuminates some of the mysteries that pervade the common perceptions about Art.!/
Well worth a listen and a bit of pondering.
I've been busy preparing my vessels for the Nov 5th Bonfire, plus helping my students and friends to get theirs ready for the ordeal by fire. Looking forward to seeing the results, but slightly worried that folk will be underwhelmed by the effects - so perhaps I need to polish up my arts bollocks ready to justify the outcomes?! My major offerings are cooling down in my old electric kiln, having been taken to just over 900C to turn them ceramic, but not too high that the burnishing and fine slip coatings break down.

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