Thursday 7 November 2013

A Polished Performance

I have unloaded and sorted the pottery which we submitted to the flames of the village bonfire.
I am very pleased to report that almost all of my vessels came out well. 3 large pots broke, but just about everything else survived and prospered from the effects of the heat.
Polishing and burnishing pottery is a time consuming activity that is not really "worth the effort", except that it is a restful task that can be a relaxing time spent examining the pots while they are being handled and also allowing some time to think of other things!
I have put an archive of the project on my website, hoping to get yet more images from some of the other participants.
Now to spend some more time applying beeswax polish to further enhance the look of the pots, before they are displayed. First at the Upwey Potters' show on 23rd/24th November and then at the Dorset Pottery Groups' show at Bridport Arts Centre in early December.

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