Friday 13 December 2013

Half Loaded

I got half way through loading the wood fuelled kiln today, not a job best done in a December drizzle!
Pleased with the wares, mainly mortaria bowls, some being refired after the last firing was not quite hot enough in the corners.
Also featuring the drums made at a recent workshop by Laurence and his students.
Busy day tomorrow, off to Hengistbury Head for the opening of the visitor centre then a drive across Dorset to Bridport to strike the Dorset Pottery Group exhibition.
Sunday will hopefully see the rest of the kiln loaded.
3 days next week at Bournemouth University, attending the 35th Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group. I am part of the entertainment, making prehistoric pots and selling my wares. A good place to meet interesting people who might help me understand a bit more concerning the current thinking about ceramics in prehistory. However I might not understand most of what they say in their very own Archeo-babble, a language developed by folk in academic circles!

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