Thursday 19 December 2013

You win some, you loose some!

Unloaded another batch of pots from our wood fuelled kiln today.
It had been a struggle to fire in the rain, with damp wood and not enough wind to excite the flames! We did not leave until 6am, which resulted in me not being at my best for the last day of the TAG conference at Bournemouth University - however that was a good event with loads of networking and reasonable sales to the archaeologists. I also got to fondle some real iron age pots, two of which were of a type I have made replicas - and I was happy with the match!
Some very good pots came out of the wood kiln. The beaker at the top of this image had been electric fired with a fairly uninteresting finish, the ash has fluxed the glaze and turned it a richer darker brown - my favourite!
However the bowl below was one of three that blew up. That'll teach me to load slightly damp pots in the kiln! Ah, the joys of the festive season rush!
We had some great results with the Udu drums made at a recent workshop, they should go down well with their makers.
Thanks to Laurence Eastwood - Larry No Plates - for masterminding the firing.
I have set up an archive page on the website to record the firing :-

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